Inspiration Page

The following people are known to some yet many of them may not be known to anyone but the members of MAKE CHILDREN BETTER NOWTo my wife and I, and hopefully our Board of Directors, they demonstrated duty above and beyond to their respective lives as professionals, people and Canadians. Their Dedication, Commitment and most of all Assistance to us along the path we have walked to be here and Help Children is immeasurable, complicated and welcomed.

Some are Victims of Crime, who made a difference, some are neighbors and friends, some are Nationally and Internationally Known.

We Thank You All for the education, assistance and most of all your Belief.  WE LOVE YOU ALL……

  • Angela Peters
  • Clara Hughes
  • Debra Peplar
  • Dr. Eva Ollson
  • John Wright Sr.
  • Jowi Taylor
  • Justin Hines
  • Keith Graham
  • Leena Augimeri
  • Meghan Agosta
  • Michelle Schryer
  • Retired Chief John Kopinak
  • Ron Coristine
  • Sarah Warren
  • Tim Lozon
  • April White
  • Priscilla Devilliers
  • Dennis Poole
  • Our son Dane Neuts
  • Steve Bradley – deceased
  • Chief Tecumseh – deceased.