The Neuts Family

neuts-family"Today my wife and I are known as Brenda and Mike Neuts, the parents of the young boy who died at school in Chatham, Ontario. We are busy; we participate in these kinds of discussions everywhere, and will continue to do so to provide a happy, healthy environment for children, and advocate a national, broad-ranging protective, nurturing and loving children's agenda."

The above comments were first used by Myles' parents at the CAVEAT Round Table Discussions For Caveat's Report 2000.

Since the tragic loss of their son Myles, Mike and his wife Brenda have been tireless in their new role as children advocates. Mike has been called upon to present at sessions, literally from coast to coast, regarding youth violence, bullying and related topics. Mike's passion is youth and their well-being. They have addressed children, educators, law-enforcement, parents, service-clubs, victim services groups, almost anyone you could think of involved in the life of a child in schools, community centers, conferences, symposiums, P.D. days and malls, regarding child behavior, respect, dignity, recording of incidents and bullying.

Mike alone estimates he has spoken to over 200,000 Canadian school children since 2000. Mike suggests he does not keep track of the adults that have heard his message but it most certainly would be in the thousands.

Their message talks about their journey with the 24 Coroner's recommendations. They tell you about what they have learned, how you can help, and how you can make a difference with your children in your homes, schools and communities.

Mike, with Brenda and their son Dane's support has sat as a school trustee for the St. Clair Catholic School Board for a one 3-year-term. He chaired the Special Education Advisory Committee for all three of those years.

The Neuts Family is proud to have worked with school boards, law enforcement, organ donation groups and recipients. They partnered up with The Henkel Hook Company, and its founders Jim Henkel and Becky Regier to introduce the safety release coat hook that releases loads in excess of 26 lb. It automatically resets and still provides the hygienic purposes originally intended when the unbreakable hooks were first installed. More important to them is the opportunity to provide another safe application in facilitating children in any group.

MCBN Association along with Henkel Hooks and corporate sponsorships have provided over 15,000 hooks in the province of Ontario alone.

They are also proud to have founded the MCBN Children's Association, using their son's initials to pay homage to him. Myles Casey Benson Neuts was the driving force behind the creation of Make Children Better Now. The relationships continue to grow, ordinary people (approx. 200) in MCBN membership working with CAVAET, CHILD DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, PREVNET, CANADIAN CRIME VICTIM FOUNDATION, SIX STRING NATION, CHATHAM-KENT POLICE SERVICE, CHATHAM-KENT CHILDREN'S SERVICES, CLARA HUGHES, DR. EVA OLSEN and the LOCALS SCHOOL BOARDS.