Child Safety


The tragic death of Myles, made it evident that a collapsible hook was needed for school washrooms and other unsupervised areas. A response was essential to prevent injury from suspension on rigid coat hooks. A similar incident during 2004 in an elementary school in London, Ontario indicated that this issue had not been addressed other than to remove rigid hooks or take other costly preventive measures. Removal of rigid hooks from washrooms created a problem - where to place articles in a safe and sanitary way while using washroom facilities. The need was obvious for a reasonably priced, strong, vandal-resistant and tamper proof hook that would release at a specified weight and then automatically re-set.

MCBN is proud to have implemented a pilot behaviour program called S.N.A.P. from the Child Development Institute at Victor Lauriston School, Chatham in the spring of 2014, with a grant of $16,000.00 provided by BELL LET'S TALK.

In the spring of 2014 MCBN was pleased to have hosted Clara Hughes during CLARA'S BIG BIKE RIDE, to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of Mental Health.