Letters From Lives We Touch

May 2013

"I want to thank you for the presentation at St Cecelia school. It has really opened my eyes, and it was also very touching.  I teared up when you said Myles' last words, and I promise to help my school to stop bullying.  I know people will still bully but I can help to try and stop it.  Thank you Mr Neuts."
Brandon R, student

March 2013

"I had something I wanted to share with you that has been bothering me since the day you came to speak at my high school.  When your last presentation was finished, aside from a couple of students that approached you, the auditorium was more or less empty.  I began to walk to the exit when I saw my principal sitting in one of the chairs looking bothered by something.  I then asked him how he thought the day of presentations went.  He responded by saying 'Well this always happens. It's nice having these presentations but the affect only lasts for about a week and then people go back to their normal ways'.

Simply, I'd just like to tell you that my life was changed after I had the privilege of hearing your store.  And it's also a great feeling knowing that my principal was wrong when he made that statement because to this day I still have friends come up to me and tell me how much your presentation influenced their current behaviours."
Cole M., student

 March 2013

"I just wanted to express to you how moving your presentation was. I could tell there was passion in every word you spoke.  I believe that passion is the difference in the drive that someone has to truly change the mind-set of people and change the world as a whole, one step at a time. Though it's only been a day or so I watch what comes out of my mouth and what I post on the internet."
Claudia P., student

February 2013

"Thank you for your pledge to the 2012 BMO Boolathon in support of Kids Help Phone.  Your donation of $3256 is the reason why young people are able to reach out to Kids Help Phone more than 5000 times a week.  From bullying to trouble with homework, from dealing with loss and grief to thoughts of suicide and everything in between, kids turn to Kids Help Phone professionals when they don't know who to turn to."
Kerry A., Chair, Board of Directors, Kids Help Phone

December 2012

"Thank you for your generous donation from MCBN's Children's Association in support of Child Development Institute and its programs. We truly would not be able to do the work we do without the support of people like you who understand the needs of the children and families who benefit from our programs."
Shauna K., Director, Fund Development, Child Development Institute

Other Remarks from Students and Teachers through the years....

"Thanks again for all your time and effort.  My grade 9s wrote reflections after the presentation, and based on what I've read, you made quite the impact here.  You change lives, Mike Neuts, and for that I think you're awesome."
Carrie, John Paul II High School

"Thanks again for your visit! Your presence made such an impact and the class has been writing letters to you and discussing so many different things as a result of your compassion and understanding.  I look forward to sending them to you this week".

"Today you did a talk at my school.  I would just like to take the time to thank you.  I have had thoughts of killing myself due to bullying about my sexuality.  You have provided me with a story filled with hope that people love you for who you are. "
Student from Stratford, Ont.

"I watched your presentation with my grade 3 class today.  I was truly moved by your presentation.  One of my students expressed that they want to help your dream of seeing bullying come to an end come true.  You truly are making a difference with your message and the memory of your son, Myles live on and makes a difference to many."